Governor's Natural Gas Vehicle Taskforce


​Natural Gas Vehicle Task Force Report

The relevant recommendations appear on page 18 and are as follows:
I. The State of West Virginia should move towards NGV transition without delay.
Current economics, fuel prices, incentives, private-sector participation, technology, and environmental and political factors make 2013 the ideal time to plan for fleet vehicles’ utilization of natural gas/propane.

II. A Natural Gas Vehicle Transition Team should be appointed by the Governor to review this report, monitor NGV technology and economic issues related to natural gas, and make additional recommendations to the Governor to further the work of the task force.
An NGV Transition Team should review this report and advise the Governor how its recommendations should be implemented in both the public and private sectors.
The Team could be comprised of representatives from the Divisions of Highways, Energy, Tax, Fleet Management, Purchasing, the Governor’s Office, the Board of Education, and the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium at West Virginia University.

III. Departmental secretaries should be directed to embrace the purchase, conversion, and utilization of CNG vehicles – where it makes sense.
The Governor should request cabinet secretaries direct state agencies to assess opportunities to transition segments of their fleets to NGVs, identify which vehicles to convert, and develop eight year implementation plans.
The task force recommends a minimum goal of transitioning twenty-five percent (25%) of the state fleet to NGVs in four years. Twenty-five percent (25%) of 7,811 fleet vehicles results in 1,952 NGVs.
The conservative return on investment for converting full-sized trucks from diesel
fuel to natural gas is $5,000 per vehicle over the five year life of the
vehicle. Therefore, agencies with local access to natural gas fueling stations
should give priority to converting full-sized trucks to CNG.
Agency NGV transition plans should be submitted to the Fleet Management
Office for review by the Natural Gas Vehicle Transition Team. Agencies located
in counties where CNG stations are announced should begin their analysis
immediately for submission no later than April 30, 2013.

The report details conversion vs. new purchase analyses and provides information that will be of
assistance in developing your agencies’ 8 year implementation plans. The report also details the
locations of natural gas fueling stations that will be operating in late 2013.

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