Did you know that the Fleet Management Division has a vehicle rental program?  The Fleet Management Division's rental fleet might be able to help your agency save money on vehicle rentals.  Our vehicles are available for daily and long-term use, with the fuel and mileage included in the daily rental price.  We also offer temporary parking to our renters who need to park their personal vehicle while using our rental fleet.  
Vehicles for daily use:
​Jeep Liberty (1 available)                       ​$35.00
Jeep Liberty (1 available)                              
Chevrolet Impala (1 available)               $40.00
​Ford Fusion (2 available) $40.00
​Jeep Patriot (2 available) ​$50.00
​Dodge Caravan (2 available) ​$50.00
  Mileage and gas usage included in the price.