The Fleet Management Division has compiled Statewide benchmarks for vehicle maintenance and fueling consumption broken down into groups by vehicle type and years.  These benchmarks were established to help agencies find a sized fleet to meet the agency's needs and to help lower overall vehicle maintenance costs.  To view the benchmark list, click Here. 

 Our Maintenance Services:
The Fleet Management Division contracts with ARI (1-800-CAR-CARE) to perform the following for each participating State vehicle:
·    24x7x365 access to a team of ASE-certified car and truck technicians who scrutinize repair
requests and negotiate with vendors for best prices
·    A simple prompt at the beginning of each call makes sure calls are routed to technicians
experience with your type of vehicles
·    Access to an open vendor network comprised of 90,000 shops, including national accounts
that offer up to 20% off of retail prices
·    Controlled authorizations eliminate unnecessary repairs
·    Preventative maintenance schedules that are customized to the types of vehicles in your fleet
·    Ability to see exactly where your maintenance dollars are going
·    One monthly invoice, available on-line, for all vehicle maintenance issues. 

ARI Insights® Fleet Management Platform

·    Web-based platform so you can access your information anytime, anywhere
·    Single portal through which you can view all of your fleet information, including maintenance and registrations
·    Customizable dashboard puts the information that is most important to you at your fingertips
·    Information is updated in real time

Maintenance Documents:

ARI inSights Quick Reference Guide

ARI inSights User Guide

ARI inSights Dashboard Guide

Object Codes on the ARI Invoice

Adding a Manual Invoice to ARI

 ARI Maintenance and Fuel Contract FLT1700000001 - effective 7/15/19 - 7/15/20



If you have ARI Maintenance questions, please call 1-855-817-1910 or email: