Credit card skimming at fueling stations is becoming more common in our state.  

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Our Fueling Services:

The Fleet Management Office utilizes the ARI Fuel Card Program.  This provides universal acceptance at commercial fuel stations, secure Driver ID PINs, odometer capture, Level III data in your reporting (to support reduced fraud/abuse) and the capability to set spending limits, gaining tighter control of fleet spending.  

  Features include:

·      Closed loop– proprietary network
·      99.8% Level III data capture
·      Product Type Controls
·      Exceptions, Alerts, and Reporting Features
·      Reduced fraud, waste, abuse
·      Improve the efficiency and security of your fleet
·      Fuel Tax Exemption
·      Agency rebate in Basis Points

Fuel Documents:

ARI Fuel PIN Instructions - Updated 5/1/18

 DOA-FM-031 Fuel Card User Agreement - Updated 5/1/18

 ARI Maintenance and Fuel Contract FLT1700000001  -  effective 7/16/17 - 7/15/18 

 ARI Maintenance and Fuel Contract FLT1700000001 Renewal - effective 7/16/18 - 7/15/19 - NEW

 If you have FUEL CARD questions, please call (304) 558-5560 or email the Fleet Management Division at:  Fleet@wv.gov