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Vehicle Ordering and Decommissioning

BRIM Reporting and Insurance Certificate

AFC and Driver Based Forms 

Accident Procedure and Forms

FMD Policies and Procedures

The Fleet Management Division operates in accordance with the following:

House Bill 4015 Effective June 7, 2018 Sections §5A-12-1 through §5A-12-14, §17A-3-23, and §17A-3-25 through §17A-3-27

House Bill 103 Effective June 5, 2018

Legislative Rule 148 - effective March 2018 REVISED.pdf

Governor's Policy effective 09-01-19.pdf

Agency Fleet Coordinator Seminar  

May 2018 Agency Fleet Coordinator Presentation  

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Add a Fixed Asset Disposal (FD) (Retirement)

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for a Vehicle (no Shell Record)

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) from a Shell Record for a Vehicle

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