Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Coordinator's commonly asked questions
1. How do I order a new vehicle?
2. When can I order a vehicle?
3. How do I decommission a state vehicle?
4. What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?
5. How do I order a replacement registration card?
6. How do I request a license plate for my state vehicle?
7. Where can I find the reporting requirements for my agency and the dates for required reporting?
8. Where can I get an updated insurance card for my state vehicle?

​Fleet Vehicle Driver commonly asked questions
1. Who is an authorized passenger in a state vehicle?
​2. What is permissible use of a state-owned vehicle?
3. Where can I get my car washed?
4. Why should I call ARI prior to an oil change?
5. What is required for an employee to drive a state vehicle?
6. What can the ARI $50.00 card be used for and how does it work?
7. What is personal use of a state vehicle?

Vehicle maintenance commonly asked questions
1. How do I purchase tires for my state vehicle?
2. Where can I find an ARI vendor list for my area?
3. How do I order a new ARI maintenance packet for my state vehicle?

Vehicle fueling commonly asked questions
​1. How do I acquire fueling services?
2. Who do I contact if my fueling card is declined?
3. What items can be purchased on the fueling card?
4. Can fueling cards be used in any state vehicle?
​5. How do I set up / cancel a PIN?
6. Are PINs only for an assigned vehicle?